Excellent science needs excellent design.

Hi, we are the Science Communication Lab, specialized in developing innovative visual communication for the sciences and for complex, explanation intensive projects and products.

Selected projects

Some of our latest and finest projects.


Animation video and an interactive web-feature on the break-through discovery of cosmic neutrinos from the Milky Way.

Evolutionary Biology

This interactive learning app introduces fundamental biological key concepts using the metaorganism as central case study.


A digital walk through the World Heritage Site with the mighty Danevirke defensive wall and former trade center Hedeby.

Particle Physics

Follow a plasma accelerator setup from the production and forming of the laser light over the acceleration to emitting very bright X-rays.


An image film for the first institution worldwide to combine ribonucleic acid (RNA) research with infection biology.


In this years publication we combined appealing printed maps, graphics and photos with interactive 3D models.

Project archive

(Most) of the projects we have done in the last years.

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