Project Archive

We love science. In the last years we have had the opportunity to work on projects in a variety of scientific disciplines. Each time anew we are excited to immerse ourselves into a new scientific field. What scientific topic will be next?


From the Paleolithic to recent times we have covered a wide range of archaeological topics.


Almost invisible microorganisms, deep-sea black smoker or the research on fish populations: in our biological projects we cover a wide variety of topics.

Earth science

How do earthquakes occur, how do tsunamis spread and how can early warning systems help to deal with these forces of nature? In this category we have listed projects that are related to impacts of the climate crisis, but also with geological phenomena.

Material science

Living materials - what sounds like fantasy is actual research. Here, we present a research project in which energy-autonomous, adaptive and long-lasting materials are developed.


coming soon


How does a cancer tumor develop? What can we learn from genetic analyses? Here we present projects that are dealing with medical research and the underlying methods to understand or even prevent diseases.


Physics fascinates and inspires us! We visualized theoretical phenomena, latest findings, as well as cutting-edge measurement methods to detect new particles.

Social science

How do people shape the landscape? Why are we concerned with the past and our history? Here you will find projects that focus on people. It’s about society, history and social components.


How can artificial intelligence recognize fish? Why are wind directions modeled to save energy and how do underwater vehicles work? These projects show how the next generation technologies function.