World Heritage: Mixed Media Wall


State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein (ALSH)






The State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein briefed us to have an outdated exhibition wall redesigned. This wall is intended to provide information on the Haithabu-Danewerk World Heritage Site to visitors in the museum as a supplement to the existing exhibition in the Danewerk Museum as well as to serve as a mobile visitor centre during special events. The exhibition wall consists of 15 panels in the stylised profile shape of the Danewerk, has a total length of 15.28 metres and a maximum height of 2.40 metres.

Our aim was to reduce the amount of text on the wall to a minimum and instead use memorable information graphics and projected animations to create a varied and visually attractive narrative. Various relevant topics from the Viking age are presented on the mixed media wall. A total of 12 topics have been edited journalistically and visually and are intended to evoke emotions in the audience by reporting on everyday life at that time. Questions like: Who were the Vikings? What was life like back then? How was trade conducted? are asked and answered.
Scientific Advice: Christian Weltecke
Editor: Birte Anspach, Marietta Miehlich (Lectorate)
Installation on site

This short making-of video shows how we installed the Mixed Media Wall in the Danewerk Museum. Two beamers project the evolution of the ancient Danewerk border wall over the centuries. The Danewerk border wall itself is vividly represented by three-dimensional objects. This visually highlights the changes in a way that is easy to comprehend. Another display shows the found objects from the archaeological excavations. The entire exhibition wall thus remains transportable and can also be shown at other locations as an exhibit module.

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