Scientific Poster: Tsunami


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Interactive Poster



With the current development of the Scientific Posters a modular system was created: The globe is the central interface for displaying and structuring of the contents. Various research topics can now be globally projected and visualized with current and latest data. Designed as a module, the poster is very versatile to represent mainly global phenomena. The presenter can thus develop their own narrative forms and support individual research aspects visually. The content of the poster is again marine geology: Seaquakes, submarine landslides and the tsunamis. Reduced and in a more compact form it focuses tsunami events, causes and threats. The new globe module is fully zoomable and even more explorative than its predecessor. A very unique visualization shows the impacts of historical tsunamis by tracing their spreads.
Scientific Content: Dr. David Völker, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krastl, Prof. Dr. Christian Berndt
Editors: Friederike Balzereit, Fredericke Tirre  

During an evaluation by renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on the effectiveness of interactive science poster, we observed three different types of scientists – from graduate students up to the professors. One surprising result was how different the content and the order of the topics were presented and how flexible the response to the specific audience was. An open narrative structure as it would not be possible with cinematic or classic presentation media. A unique and vivid mixture of talk and visualization. The virtual globe allows analytical consideration, examination and focusing.


Oskar Oldorf from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research

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